Not only have they achieved these types of step function improvements, but in many cases they have turned operations and supply chain into competitive weapons in this world of increasing complexity. By driving profits through lower total cost, by increasing customer service, and by streamlining the flow of new products, our team provides the base for high revenue growth.


Having cultivated relationships across the globe, our team’s international experience includes sourcing and product development across the globe. Team members have led significant operations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


Our services are tailored to each client and will provide the maximum impact and results.


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Shoreview Management Advisors is a trusted advisor to a variety of businesses in the consumer products and industrial products industries.


We generate bottom line impact and results for business leaders and executives, allowing them to achieve major operational success in a variety of areas from increased capacity to reduced manufacturing costs to outstanding customer service.


In many cases, we enable significant revenue growth by turning operations and supply chain into distinct competitive advantages.